Investing can be a tricky endeavor; there are a lot of varying opinions and investment attitudes as to how it should be done. I have spent much time trying to understand and teach the methods used by the best investors in the world.

Investing smartly is an essential tool available to all that do not want to worry about money anymore when it comes to retirement. Why is everyone not learning how to do it?

When it comes to being successful with investment, there are four attitudes people adopt:

    1. People would prefer putting someone in charge of their investment

These people would rather have someone else take care of their investments as they believe they don’t have enough time to dedicate to this. As a result, they’ll happily give their money to a mutual fund manager who ends up only getting them a 3% return on their capital. With this method, you definitely won’t make as much money and don’t know what companies your money gets invested in.

    2. People just don’t want to learn how to do it themselves

Lacking confidence or just deliberating on how difficult it is, many people miss out on the opportunities that investment can bring. The great thing about compound interest is that it continues working even when you are not actively doing anything. You will have to invest time at the start, but in the long term, you just end up seeing your money grow in the stock market.

    3. People think they don’t have enough money

It is a common assumption to think you need to have a lot of money before you can be an investor. The truth is, you can get involved in investing without having a lot of money. I have written about how to save money in the past to start spending it, all you need is as little as $500.

    4. People who have shown willingness and started the process of acquiring knowledge

These individuals have experienced the same procedures as all investors and debunked the myths surrounding investment:

  • Only trained experts know the trade
  • The industry is too hard
  • Importance of trading different niches
  • They are fully conscious of the importance of investing so as not to worry about money when they grow old.

Do it your way

Let me show you how you can change the world by investing:

If you let a third party take control of your investment decisions, they end up having a say on your money, which will impact how businesses will look like several years down the line.

Think about it this way:

Imagine you are against alcohol…

You think young ones should be taught not to drink. But because you trusted someone else to make your investment decisions, they could end up investing it in an alcohol brand. So, on the one hand, you’re telling children that drinking is wrong, but on the other, you have a share and are thus supporting a business which is manufacturing those drinks you instruct kids not to drink…

This is what we call being dishonest.

Don’t be dishonest and start investing your money on your own, to shape the future the way you want it to be.