IQ tests have existed since 1905 when a French psychologist known as Alfred Binet started to “test” kids of distinct mental abilities. He began a journey to find a way to spot those students that need special programs in school; thus, he created a foundation on which modern intelligence testing is founded upon. Several tests determine one’s mental capability and these include; IQ, language, emotional, social, and verbal among others.

Below are some of the sites that we have put together and which help you test your IQ:

  1. The International High IQ Society

When you score above 126 on one of the two tests which are offered on this site help you get an invitation to join this fantastic online club. The members of the club are provided with a platform which allows them to present and discuss ideas in a friendly setting. Also, they can be able to share professional knowledge as well as find learning to be enjoyable again.


It is well-known to be a quick, free and precise online IQ test. It involves a fast analysis, however, the test is claimed to be too easy. Probably, you will be able to see an exaggerated score. On the other hand, it is right for practice if you have never taken an IQ test before.  When you complete the test, you will be requested for your email address. Providing the email address will help you see about ten or more pages of opt-in offers. Fortunately, none of the opt-in offers is required so that you can have your score.


Importantly, check the box that shows if you need to be linked or not for the upcoming mailings. The free IQ test has been designed as well as constructed uniquely to help a person discover his weaknesses as well as strengths. The test is to be undertaken within a predetermined time frame while some of its questions have more than one answer. The tests offered on the website enable you to recognise your intelligence, trends, and emotions. The first test which you take gives you the most precise result.


Psych IQ test is known to measure several factors of your intelligence like math skills, logical reasoning as well as overall knowledge. Also, it helps you measure your ability to classify different stuff according to several characteristics and also helps you see resemblance and relationship between them. It is vital to note that this IQ test does take into consideration any social, emotional or verbal intelligence.


When you score 130 and above with seeing my personality test, it indicates “Very Superior” result. It involves many tasks which measure different measures of intelligence like analytical thinking, spatial recognition, mathematical ability and short-term memory. The test does not endeavour to evaluate a person’s amount of information that he has learned as it measures one’s capability to learn. When you complete the test, the answers are assessed against the outcomes of the individuals of your age to get a normalised score.

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