It is a mistake that many people do not imagine that food is one of the ways to boost their brain power when they think about it. In fact, research has proven that some foods may boost mental energy as the benefits range from making people feel happy to help them think clearly.

For that reason, food is known to be an excellent way to keep your brain sharp.
Below are five favourite foods that have great taste and may enhance your brain power:


Chocolate is one excellent brain food, mainly the cocoa beans that are present in dark chocolate. Known to be real super food, the seeds have the capability of busting through brain fog, help alleviate pain and enhance your mood. Also, they contain antioxidants which shield your brain from being destroyed by harmful factors. For high-quality dark chocolate with at least seventy-five per cent cacao bean content, you are advised to purchase from the local health food store.


Not only for the movies, but popcorn has a whole grain punch which improves the levels of good cholesterol and enhances smooth blood flow to your brain. Also, popcorn is known to be rich in vitamin B6 that promotes accurate communication between the brain cells. However, go for the low-fat versions which are found in original sizes, and you can add a little hot sauce on the popcorn to increase your metabolism.

Peanut Butter

Known to provide high amounts of protein, peanut butter is critical for maximum brain function. In fact, research confirms that in a day, an individual who eats breakfast which is high in protein carry out mental activities better than a person who consumes the meal with less protein. Also, it is a beautiful source of folate and vitamin B3 and helps in regulating cholesterol to keep your blood vessels healthy. Therefore, for a brain-enhancing snack, spread about a tablespoon of peanut butter over your whole grain toast.

Ice Cream

Scientists at an institution in London, Institute of Psychiatry studied the effect of ice cream on the brain using MRI scans. At the front of your mind is the processing area that is made active when a person enjoys himself; it is “lit up” exactly as it does in the individuals who listen to stimulating music or win money. “Only one spoonful of an ice cream lights up the happy zones in your brain”, states the spokesperson for the research. You are advised to give a try to the free dairy ice cream recipe.


In reality, coffee is not food, but it is known to be an enjoyable and essential part of waking up many people; probably millions of people. Just one cup in a day might help shield the blood-brain barrier through blocking the cholesterol’s destructive effects, a study undertaken at the University of North Dakota found out. It is known that a leaky and ineffective blood-barrier permits harmful chemicals to get through and this is the case in Alzheimer’s patients. However, opt for the fresh-brewed organic roast over the high-calorie, high-fat double-caramel-full-cream type.
Therefore, you can boost your brain power, sharpen your mind, enhance the thought process, and repair memory loss by stuffing your face.